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       from a dream to reality...       

Sheila Hill




I have suffered from chronic pain anxiety, insomnia, and depression for over 20 years.  I was taking 21 prescription pills and supplements day.  I needed relief from the side effects and I feared that I would become addicted to my opioid medicines. 

I was desperate for a change, but I was a CBD skeptic. I tried so many different options that provided temporary relief. I heard about CBD Oil and was the biggest skeptic. My desperation led to me researching it and giving it a try.  After only two days, I experienced tremendous relief and continued using CBD Oil and slowly winged myself off most of my medicines. Now I'm down to only 2 pills a day!

My passion to share hope led me to opening A House of Hemp. I have a drive to educate consumers about the positive effects of CBD and how it can naturally improve the quality of their lives.

A House of Hemp offers superior hemp flower extracts such as CBD sublingual oils, topicals, hemp flower, CBD pet treats, vape pens, and other hemp products. Our mission at A House of Hemp is to educate people about the positive effects of hemp and to help redirect the negative stigma it has with associations to marijuana.  Our motto is: Improving your quality of life with plants over pills. 

We're located at 1232 N. Main Street in Lillington, N.C.  

email: or call 910-984-1441.

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